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What an AEM Partnership Can Attain:

Practical solutions for common manufacturing challenges

Making improvements in your company’s manufacturing operations is not easy.

Ask anyone who has successfully made changes; the inertia for things to stay as they are is tremendous.

Why AEM Consulting?

Experience to get the job done. Doug Anton already had a 10 year manufacturing operations background when he started AEM Consulting over 20 years ago. He started as a manufacturing engineer, ready to implement the latest developments in efficient manufacturing manangement systems and quality management standards. In over 2 decades since, we've learned a lot.

Lean manufacturing and quality management systems is not bells and whistles and fast one-size-fits-all fixes. The implemntation of more efficient working practices while utilizing the methods that are already working allow companies to realize improved competitiveness, increased profitability and reduced waste.

Ready to make progressive change, but need help to focus your efforts, or a resource to overcome the challenge of the day-to-day running of your business? Contact Us Today!

Thank you for exploring the possibilities we offer.

Doug and Carole Anton

Lean Manufacturing, and Process Improvement Consulting Services


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what is ISO 9001 Video

Templates for implementing ISO 9001-2000
Profit Target - Free Report

Templates for implementing ISO 9001-2000

Manufacturing Expert, Doug Anton

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